63464543Before the implementation of RA 9003, Ecological Solid Waste Management and Municipal Ordinance No. 2012-03, an ordinance establishing a comprehensive and integrated solid waste management Program for the Municipality of Lamut, all of these wastes were brought to the dumpsite. Hence, the growing volume of wastes in the dumpsite was a big problem in this Municipality .


As one of the 9 priority agenda of our beloved Mayor, Atty. Mariano Buyagawan, Jr., the LGU Lamut, in coordination with the newly composed Solid Waste Management Board is now on the GO with the serious implementation of RA 9003 and relevant environmental ordinances


The following activities are now being undertaken in order to attain the goal of RA 9003:

  • Segregation at source – “No segregation no collection”
  • Separate schedules of garbage collection for biodegradable and non-biodegradable
  • Information Education Campaign
  • Constant monitoring on the compliance of environmental ordinances



Biodegradable or compostable wastes which are easily decomposed and could be utilized as organic fertilizer for agricultural production should be placed in the garbage pit of every household.


Recyclable waste such as plastics, rubber tires, papers and bottles should either be recycled or sold to junkshops and not to be collected by garbage collectors.


Special/Hazardous wastes are wastes that are high in chemical content and harmful to the environment they need proper disposal or treatment so they could not affect the environment.


Residual wastes are wastes that have no longer value; they can no longer be recycled nor re used. These need to be disposed properly in sanitary or controlled dumpsite.  # Noly Balmores/ MENRO