The Lamut Municipal Solid Waste Management Board launched the “ walang plastican” in Lamut on November 1, 2013 in compliance to Municipal Ordinance no. 03-2012, otherwise known as the Comprehensive and Integrated Solid Waste Management Program.


 The “walang plastican” prohibits business establishments and/or individuals from using, selling and providing plastic bags to customers as packaging material for dry goods and as secondary packaging materials on wet goods. It also prohibits the use of Styrofoam as containers.


This program hopes to reduce the volume of plastic waste that is harmful to the environment .


Market vendors and business establishments are now selling and using paper bags, eco bags, and carton boxes. To ensure the compliance of the public to the program, the police, together with the Public Order Safety Aide (POSA) personnel are continuously going around especially during market days to check on the compliance of the public to the ordinance.

A violator is issued a citation ticket and is required to pay the corresponding penalty for his violation. Any person who violates the provision of this ordinance shall be subjected to  the following penalties:


First offense – a fine not to exceed Php 500.00 and/or community service for four (4) hours;

Second offense – a fine of Php 1,000.00 and/or community service for eight(8) hours;

Third offense – a fine of Php 1,500.00 or render community service of 36 hours along environmental concerns. For third offenses committed by industrial, commercial and agricultural establishments, the penalty shall be Php 3,000.00.


When the “walang plastican” program was first implemented, there were positive and negative feedback’s from the public. But on the whole, the program made the public become more aware of their responsibilities on waste management. It increased their awareness of the implications on the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam to the environment. It also enhanced their creativity and initiative as seen on the use of recycled cement bags, feed sacks, tetra pack juice containers sewn into bags, bayong made of different indigenous materials, recycled clothes sewn into bags and others. Business minded people are encouraged to make use of this business opportunity to produce different kinds of packaging materials from recycled waste and indigenous materials.   #Lydia Buyawe/ MPDO