“Lamut first policy” or in the vernacular “Umuna Ti Lamut Policy” is one of the 9-point agenda of Mayor Mariano Buyagawan, Jr. that is strictly practiced in the municipal government.


Mayor Buyagawan issued Executive Order No 35, prohibiting the municipal local government unit department heads, employees and bids and awards committee of Lamut, Ifugao, to conduct seminar, meetings, workshops, conferences and the purchase of goods, materials, supplies and equipment or engage services outside the municipality of Lamut, Ifugao. Procurement of goods and services outside the municipality should be done in the event that said goods and services are not available in the municipality of Lamut.


The mayor, an economist believes that patronizing of goods and services will surely strengthen the economic status of Lamut. This will encourage the local businessmen of Lamut to expand their investments on products and services that are not available in Lamut. It will also encourage and attract domestic and foreign investors to engage in trade and commerce because of its healthy business environment as an effect of the “Lamut first policy.”


The local chief executive hope and pray that the line agencies of government within the municipality, the 18 barangays, non government organizations and the citizenry of Lamut will work hand in hand to uplift the 4th class municipality of Lamut to a higher classification by practicing the Lamut first policy that will ultimately re-downs to the general welfare of the people of Lamut.   #Rosito B. Malingan