The Department of Education,Ifugao Division started the implementation of DepEd Order No.22 series of 2013 otherwise known as REVISED GUIDELINES ON THE TRANSFER OF TEACHERS FROM ONE STATION TO ANOTHER.

The coming of the new Schools Division Superintendent, Sally B.Ullalim CESO VI, has sought to implement such an order. The order states that;

First, the Basic Education Information System (BEIS) Teacher Deployment Analysis for the previous school years consistently reveals imbalances in the deployment of public school teachers. There are still a big number of “‘cool colored” schools, with pupil/student-teacher ratio of less than 40: 1, while at the same time, there remains many “red” and “black'” schools. As such, it is imperative to effect transfers of teachers from one station to another in order for the Department of Education (DepEd) to ensure the equity of teacher deployment.

Second, in view of the foregoing circumstances, this Department hereby amends DepEd Order No. 21, s. 2005 and issues these Revised Guidelines on the Transfer of Teachers from One Station to Another.

Last, While efforts shall be exhausted to secure the consent of a teacher to be transferred, there are certain conditions which can validly be considered as “in the exigency of the service” and transfers may be made even  without the consent of the teacher. These include the following:

a. When the pupil/student-teacher ratio of the school is below 35: 1 for elementary and 27: 1 for secondary level, except when the school is implementing multi-grade classes;

There were series of meetings with the District supervisors and school heads regarding the implementation of the order. They had their District Form 3 scrutinized together with the consolidated Early Registration. The Superintendent stressed that the need for the implementation is to solve the problems of teacher shortage in other schools and in answer to another DepEd order discouraging the hiring of SEF teachers by the LGUs. As a result, many teachers and school heads are transferred to other schools even outside the District if he or she is declared as excess in the school or in the district as the case maybe. Schools with more than one (1) Master Teachers were also affected as it is mandated that every big school should at least have one (1) Master Teacher.

The movement shall take effect after the Superintendent shall have signed their Re Deployment Order and she said it is expected before May 19, 2014 which is the start of the Brigada Eskwela. This is to let these teachers take part in the activities in the schools where they shall be re-assigned according to the SDS. #Edison C. Balanian