The Local Youth Development Council finally came up with their Local Youth Development Plan approved by the Body during the first Regular Meeting, August 11, 2018.

As mandated by the SK Reform Law (RA 10742), the LYDC headed by the SK Federation President, Honorable Jake Louie B. Casumpang, with his members, shall monitor and evaluate youth related activities with the supervision of Mr. JC Bright A. Tuguinay, LYDC Designate and Mrs. Regina T. Dong-e, MLGOO.

The LYDP consists of youth activities from nine (9) areas of concern for the SK namely; Health, Education, Economic Empowerment, Social Inclusion and Equity, Peace Building and Security, Governance, Active Citizenship, Environment and Global Mobility which shall be implemented by 2019-2020.

Individual SK Chairpersons are also mandated to create their Comprehensive Barangay Youth Development Plan (CBDYP) based on the LYDP for the conduct and implementation of programs, plans and activities under the same areas of concern and for the same implementing years.

The LYDC is still to present the said LYDP to the Sangguniang Bayan to be adopted for the implementation of the SK.