President Benigno Aquino III has signed Executive Order No. 80 Series 2012, directing the adaptation of a performance-based incentive system for government employees.


The PBB (Performance Based Bonus) is a top up bonus given to personnel of bureaus or agencies in accordance with their contribution to the accomplishment of their departments overall targets and commitments. It serves a motivation for higher performance and greater accountability in the public sector to ensure the accomplishment of commitments and targets.


The amount of PBB will be based on the performance of the department of the individual employees. Agencies and employees will be categorized as best performer, better performer and good performer. Incentive to each category varies as stated in section 3. It can be recalled that the PBB was released last July 2013 and created commotion among government employees because some received more, others received lesser amount.


To describe the incentive received, most government employees were given Php 5,000.00 bonus.


If we look at the Employee Performance Appraisal provided in the EO 80 section 3,these employees who received 5,000.00 were categorized as good performer as to their individual performance and they belonged to a good performing agency or bureau. Since most government employees received that amount, it means that the most employees and agencies performed well only.


From the scenario, it can be concluded that the PBB is an incentive to employees who performed well in terms of work. It is an award for people who really do their work religiously and it serves as recognition for a job well done.


On the other hand, it is punitive to employees and government institutions that did not perform well or excel in their own fields. It is punitive in the sense that they received the lowest amount of PBB. Once we received the lowest amount of PBB, that means we are not a performer and we did not accomplish our targets.


This is a call to all government employees and agencies, if you want to receive higher PBB, do your work religiously and honestly because in the end we are rewarded according to our good deeds.# Sharon M. Ganigan.