In 2006, the total land area devoted to fish production was 238.35 hectares.  Seventy percent of this land area was located in Aguinaldo and Alfonso Lista while the remaining 30% was found in Lamut.  The largest dam in Asia, the 360-Megawatt Magat Hydro-Electric Power Plant located in Isabela, supplies fresh water to the ponds of Alfonso Lista and Aguinaldo, while the National Irrigation Administration’s (NIA) Hapid Irrigation Project distributes fresh water to fish ponds in Lamut.  Approximately 2,697 metric tons of fresh tilapia was produced in 2006.  With tilapia as its OTOP, the Municipality of Lamut now has its own private fish hatchery,  large-scale organizations, and active enterprise producing fresh fish and smoked, dried, deboned, and bottled tilapia.

Tilapia is an extra-lean, versatile white fish that thrives in warm, subtropical areas of the United States, Latin America and Southeast Asia,  often cultured  for commercial use. Because tilapia has a mild flavor and moderately firm texture, the fish lends itself to a variety of low-fat seasonings and cooking techniques. You can grill, bake, broil or blacken tilapia and season it with lime juice, dry white wine, scallions, chili powder, ginger or curry. Tilapia gives you lean, easily digested protein with few calories and very little fat.