Atty. Mariano B. Buyagawan, Jr. together with LGU explorers recently explored three caves and a waterfall within the Municipality of Lamut, Ifugao. The discovery of this tourist attraction is in line with his 9-point  agenda under the WOW program which for sure will make Lamut a tourist destination.

Jolowon Waterfalls

The Jolowon waterfalls are  found at the boundary of Barangay Jolowon and Barangay Umilag. The river that flows from the Municipality of Asipulo, Ifugao to Lamut, Ifugao had been enticing picnic goers to jump into the river for a cool and refreshing bath.

Balweg Cave

Halimutok Twin Cave

The Balweg Cave is one of the 3 caves found at Halimutoc, Jolowon, Lamut, Ifugao. The outside view of the Balweg Cave does not look impressive but as one enters and goes deeper, he will experience  contentment and amazement of  the beauty and grandeur of the hidden arts of nature beneath the earth.

Picnic Goers are baffled on how the replica of Father Conrado Balweg holding a sacramental chalice was duplicated by the stalactites and stalagmites. Psychics interpret this phenomena that the spirit of Balweg has rested  at the 3rd cave of Halimutoc, Lamut, Ifugao.


Sinublan Brook

It is about 3 KMS hike from the nearest road to Mabato-bato. It stretches from end to end of Barangay Mabato-bato. It has natural rock formations formed into bath tubs where small pools of water flow. A quiet place to stretch, relaxes, and dips oneself into its cool water especially during the hot summer.



Yamashita Cave

Yamashita Under - Water Cave

The Yamashita Cave is located at Nunhabatan, Hapid, Lamut, Ifugao, near the Buyok Repeater Relay at Magaad, Bimpal, Lamut, Ifugao.

The entrance of cave is hidden by the waterfall, as its curtain. In entering the cave one has to swim through the waterfall. The cave served as one of the  rendezvous  of Gen. Tomoyoki Yamashita during World War 11 when he was pursued by the American.

Regimental Cave

Matangili Cave

The entrance of the Regimental Cave is found at the foot of the Regimental Forest at Barangay Magulon, Lamut, Ifugao. The Regimental Mountain Range extend  to  the   Regimental Forest Nueva Viscaya and Regimental Forest of  Haliap, Asipulo. The whole mountain range is  where the American forces in World War II under the command of Lt. Governor William Dozer built their military fortress.

The cave has an enormous and imposing entrance that unendingly leads to the unexplored underground. Amazing colors with mystical images are formed by the reaction of stalactites and stalagmites and is believed to be designed and molded by the deities of Mount Regimental.