General Information

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Location Located 26 kilometers from the capital town of Lagawe, Lamut is about 4 kilometers from the Bagabag domestic airport, 292 kilometers from Manila and 286 kilometers from Baguio City, which is the seat of the Cordillera Regional government.
Land Area 14, 581.25 has or 145.81 square kilometers
Total Population 25,214 (2012 Projected)
Dialects Ayangan, Tuwali, Ilocano
Indigenous Group Ifugao, Igorots, Ilocano
Growth Rate 2.28%
No. of Households 5,318
Component Barangays 18
Climate Extreme changes in weather conditions make the climate of Lamut unpredictable. It used to be generally dry during the months of December up to the end of April, and wet during the months of May to the end of November, but both wet and dry weather prevail all year round, often changing on a daily basis, and sometimes with long spells of dry or wet weather.
Products Rice, corn, mango, banana, rootcrops, vegetables, tilapia, swine/poultry, cattle
Means of Income Agriculture (main source of Lamut’s income)
Trade and Commerce
Transportation As of the latest survey of roads in Lamut conducted in 2010, Lamut has a total road inventory of 182.63 kilometers. Of this total, 33.5 kms or 18% are cemented, 81.2 kms. or 45% are graveled and 67.93 kms. or 37% are earth road. Lamut has yet a long way in terms of road network development especially in the barangays.
Communication Communication in Lamut is basically made through postal communication and speed mail services, local broadcast services, telephone and cellular mobile telephone services (CMTS), and internet services.

LBC and JRS provide speed mail services in the capital town as well as in the municipality of Lamut. The adjoining province in Solano, Nueva Viscaya also provides services to Lamut.

Lamut is also served with cable television, although some barangays avail of private satellite dish television services.

Health With the construction of the District Hospital at Banting, Mabatobato, the role of Lamut includes the accommodation of health facilities with a province-wide coverage.
Agro-Industrial As an emerging agro-industrial center, the municipality would demand the construction of trading centers that function as “bagsakan” or drop-off areas for the wholesale transaction of products and goods.

The Provincial Livelihood Center is another provincial establishment located in Banting, Mabatotbato that provides channels for the development of industrial resources, and showcases Ifugao products and provides market linkage among buyers and producers.

In the Cordillera Administrative Region, the Tilapia production of Lamut has made Ifugao the top producer of in-land fish. The presence of the Provincial Hatchery and the Regional Hatchery for Pangasius (catfish) will make Lamut the center for Tilapia and Pangasius production in the Province.