When will laws or ordinances be seriously implemented or given attention? Depending on the will of those in government? Laws or ordinances passed should be implemented.


Ordinance no. 2001-01: an ordinance creating an Official Publication of the Local Government Unit of Lamut to be officially known as BANDO, was passed in 2001. After slumbering for 12 years, it is now being resurrected for implementation.


A few claimed that they were not aware of this ordinance. But a joint LGU-Lamut District newsletter AB ABIG, of which this writer was the  editor-in-chief  published in 2010. there was no funding then for its continuity and publication although the municipal government supported it with news item from some of the LGU agencies.


Citizens of Lamut are now becoming aware of the existence  of ordinances that include: Waste Management, Anti Momma spitting and anti smoking in public due to intense information dissemination and implementation. While some of these latest ordinances were started previously, the intensity are not felt as they are now.


THE Municipal Mayor is using the social media to keep the people updated and informed . Activities  of the municipal government are posted as bulletin boards.


Now do the citizens of Lamut expect more resurgence of good ordinances that are most beneficial to the general public?  Laws related to the economic growth and progress, educational improvement, agricultural and energy sufficiency? Again as they say, it all depends on the political will of those in government. Let it NOT be a NINGAS COGON as the Immipugo doesn’t  practice such.   # Edison C. Balanian