Mayor Mariano Buyagawan recently implemented the repair of the dilapidated Market Eatery Building and also ordered the demolition of the eye sore temporary stalls constructed along the Agoho Street (Street location of the carved and caged eagle).


The occupants of the stalls in the eatery sections were temporarily transferred to the newly constructed stalls at the CTI building and returned to their respective stalls when the building renovation will be finished. The stall occupants of the demolished stalls on the other hand occupied the stalls vacated by the stall occupants from the eatery section.


The relocation of the parking space along the national road will enable the buying and selling public to park or stop in front of the market. People who want to buy inside the market experience the problem of parking their vehicles at a far distance. Many buyers no longer buy what they intend to buy because the unloading and parking areas are far away from the market. # RBM