The activities highlighted the Christmas Celebration to be a wonderful day to all sectors and offices of the LGU who gathered for the celebrations.The opening remarks of the Vice Mayor, Hon.Victomar Bunnol and the message of the Mayor, Hon. Mariano Buyagawan Jr. inspired everybody to be in touched with their prepared presentations, making it more lively for everyone to enjoy .

Presentation of the different activities were just on time for everyone to renew their friendship as we are ending, the year 2014. The songs, dances and parlor games inspired everyone to enjoy the morning sessions activities. More so that at the height of these affair, there was the proclamation of all winners of the on going parlor games with the previous activities set for all offices to join and to be judged. These activities includes the Chrismas Decoration and the I-CARE Program.

Proclaimed winners were as follows:

The MSWDO garnered the first, receiving a prize of 3,000.00 k followed by the HRMO,garnering the second prize of 2,500.00 k and the Mayor’s Office, the third place with a prize of 2,000.00k. The Municipal Budget Office got the fourth place received a prize of 1,500.00 k and the fifth is the Municipal Civil Registrar who received 1,000.00.

The Lamut LGU is our own. Let us maintain the good relationship on participation and cooperation with all the incoming activities of our Municipality. Merry christmas and a prosperous New Year !!!