lantern contestThe big night of the lantern parade contest was held at Lamut, Ifugao where the 31 contestants from the18 barangays, two schools and 11line agencies of the LGU Lamut competed for the best lantern made of recycled and indigenous materials. Entries for the lantern contest were carried by each group of participants as they marched from the municipal gymnasium.


Judges for the lantern parade contest were strategically assigned along the route of the parade. The judges were keen and observant as they scrutinized each lantern.


After the lighting of the Christmas tree by the municipal mayor, the crowd gathered for the announcement of winners for the lantern contest. The master of ceremony announced first the winners of consolation prizes.


It was LAGSADECO garnering 3rd place, PAYAWAN 2nd place and BFP bringing home the bacon. The lantern of the BFP was made out of rattan, pine tree (fruit), sawdust, braided abaka, and bamboo wood carving. Its aesthetic design and beauty  fascinated the judges that made the lantern of the BFP the winner.  #Shella fe  de Vera