The three (3) years comprehensive Development plan on Organic Agriculture for the Municipality of Lamut was formulated by the Municipal Technical committee on organic Agriculture (MTC-OA) during its first meeting on October 25, 2013 at the municipal livelihood center, Lamut, Ifugao 19 members from the multi-sectoral and multi-agency technical committee attended the meeting which is formally created under the Executive Order no. 48 of Mayor Buyagawan and the presiding officer during the planning session.


There are eight (8) program project activities with sub- activities presented and discussed, first, The Organic Agricultural/ Services, under this project are :consolidation, review and endorsement of organic agriculture programs and activities, training of dedicated organic agriculture technician of 50% by 2014, conduct of organic summit and festivals, declaration of organic product market day , creation of organic research and network center, provision of incentives to successful organic practitioners and lobbying for the five percent funding from the 20% municipal development fund through an ordinance. Secondly, Organic Marketing Development Program, under this are the establishment of an input house, common organic facility. Thirdly, Organic Display Center, under this are the designation of retailing display center area on organic produce to avoid mixing with none organic products. Fourth, Development and Promotion of Organic Agri- production, under this are, conduct of IEC and information campaign on National Organic Agriculture Program (NOAP) in the 18 barangays of Lamut, piloting and maintenance of the production of organic agri-crops, livestock and aquatic resources, commercialization of organic product and inputs. Fifth, Research and Production of Organic: fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other appropriate form inputs. Sixth, Organic Livestock, fish and Organic feed formulation. Seventh is the Organic Agriculture Networking Activities and Allocation of funds for counterpart to funding agencies. Eight is the Program Project Management. This is the quarterly meeting of organic practitioners and municipal technical committee on organic agriculture (MTC-OA).


In the message of Mayor Buyagawan, he emphasized his commitment to the organic agriculture program as his top priority that is in line with his 9 point agenda and national administration’s goals on food security, environment, health wellness and poverty alleviation as mandated in RA 10068 known as the organic act of 2010. He also pledge funding from the 20% national wealth for the program and the construction of a display center of organic products and inputs to be implemented by 2014.   # Albert Butangon