Eighteen Day Care  Children celebrated the children’s day with the theme “Karapatan ng Bata Ipaglaban.” on October 17, 2013 at Lamut Gymnasium.


The LGU headed by the Municipal Mayor, Atty. Mariano B. Buyagawan, Jr., Hon. Victomar Bunnol, Vice Mayor and SB Members, Hon. Maria Victoria Grace Macadaeg and Hon. Adryan B. Chaguile and other Barangay Officials graced the celebration with their presence.


The help of the volunteers from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM), Philippine National Police (PNP) for the free haircut and volunteer Dentists and Nurses for the Medical Mission made the celebration more meaningful.


The Mayor gave a succinct  but meaningful message on the rights of a child. He stated that a child has the right to be born, to have a name and to know his nationality. He has the right to be free, to experience quality education, to have enough food to eat and to gain a healthy body. He has the freedom to play, the right to be protected from physical, mental and sexual abuse, to live peacefully and to have a safe community, to be assisted and defended by the government. Lastly, he has the right to express his own thoughts.


The 18 day care children entertained the viewers with their colorful and unique dance, song, draw and tell, acrostic, poem and poster presentation.