Scribbling one’s identity in the long history of achievers is never and easy task. Leaving an indelible mark in the scroll of national affluent catalysts is an illustrious achievement. Keeping the record for a long period of time and stay unquestionably prominent is another story.

Besting all the elementary schools in the Cordillera Administrative Region, Lamut Central School has instituted itself in its rightful spot among the stars in the constellation of national best implementing schools for Brigada Eskwela.

From its lowly beginnings as a greenhorn in its plight of implementing the seemingly unachievable guidelines of the Brigada Eskwela, Lamut Central School an institution ran not only by the school heads, teachers, and non-teaching personnel but piloted by the optimized participation and support of the stakeholders-PTA, the LGU, NGOs, NGAs, Religious Groups, Alumni Association, Civic Organization, School Clubs/Organizations, Private Entities has proven itself a powerhouse in this field through the three consecutive years of unquestionable performance as the best implementing school for large category in the region and in the country as well.

Hall of Fame, such a big word and it really calls for a great celebration. Indeed! It is. But becoming a dynamo in this field have entailed a lot of sacrifices thus, for whatever celebrations there could be, the process we have to go through will always light the way.

Along the way, creative destruction has always been the key. The eminent success finds its roots from this process. Existing school policies, facilities and equipment when deemed not important were crushed to the ground so that the new ideas, policies, facilities and equipment be born. It may not be very easy to part ways with what had been part of the life we had but there has to be a moment to finally say goodbye to old ad not-so helping policies, ideas, facilities and equipment.

Nothing comes so easily as not lifting a finger and having it right within your reach. Being a part of the annual search for the Best Brigada Eskwela Implementer requires colossal effort to be in the top rank.

Fortunately for Lamut Central School, we maintain a set of tenets of standards which we believe has placed us on top over the years. Keeping these tenets in private is not possible anymore. It is now the time to unravel and reveal our secrets, and we only have seven (7) values that we maintain;

  1. Commitment
  2. Competence
  3. Creativity
  4. Efficiency
  5. Results
  6. Timelessness
  7. Transparency

The effort was directed to having more resilient classrooms that serves their purpose as venues for better education and as conductors in the transfer of learning. Furthermore, the toil is anchored at providing safe instruction where the learners are free from accidents or any untoward incidents.

It is just right to remember, therefore, the contributions of all education stakeholders in participating and contributing their time, effort and resources to prepare our academe – the school itself.

Just as the theme says, “Pagkakaisa Para sa Handa, Ligtas at Matatag na Paaralan Tungo sa Magandang Kinabukasan”, the school and the community had been partners in making sure that the school is a conducive place to learn the basics of real life.

It is such a relief that although the Brigada Eskwela has not been made mandatory yet, year in and year out, the number of supporters keeps on increasing.

Hall of Fame for Lamut Central School shall not be a concluding phenomenon but rather a stepping stone to greater achievements for the betterment of the learning environment as we embark on our mission of no child left behind.This is our simple culture and it has brought us to higher grounds.