The Office of the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources in cooperation with the Philippine National Police, Criminology Intern of IFSU and Public Order and Safety Aide  conducted an “Operation Linis” in Barangay Nayon on February 4, 2014.


The officials of Barangay Nayon were deputized  as enforcers for the implementation of Municipal Ordinances during the opening program of the Joint Operation Linis.


After the opening program, the MENRO conducted an orientation about Environment Protection Ordinances, the under lying violations and penalties attached to each violation.


The MENRO, POSA and deputized enforcers of Barangay Nayon will be implementing the Municipal Ordinances ASAP.


In order to support the under 6akings of the barangay, members of police personnel will supervise the Barangay Officials and POSA for the enforcement of our Municipal Ordinances.# Noly H. Balmores