The wrath of nature is a product of human action, attitude and intervention. We, ourselves are victims of our own doings. We are misguided by people who are supposed to teach, lead, guide and protect us.


Look at the effects of all the devastating floods in our country. This are everywhere, rural or urban. It has taken lives and properties. The victims are people who are at the bottom line of the hierarchical economic and social structure of our country. They make up also the highest population in the hierarchy. The dilemma is that, after the flood, where will they be? Where will they stay? What kind of life will they have? Then another typhoon, what will happen again? How many lives and properties were already taken, will we wait for another incident again?


It’s a natural cycle, we cannot control but we can do something about it. Nature’s way is beyond human control, but the effects can be minimized by man


Have you ever observed that in rural areas, after a typhoon and heavy rains, there is clear water flowing into the canals, fresh air to breathe although grounds are covered with leaves, twigs, and branches of plants. It’s nature’s way of cleaning. In populated areas it is not considered as a way of cleaning; it is a way of letting non-biodegradable materials scattered and mixed with mud’s that clog water ways,. Remains of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials were seen hanging of fences, roofs and balcony of houses that were flooded.


These are some obstruction to the continuous flow of water in canals.


After the flood, would you think soil with plastic, Styrofoam and other toxic materials are good for plants to grow?


Other localities are affected by waste dispersion. What will be our duty as God’s stewards to his creation? Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man is a God in ruins.” The Bible says; God created man in His own image and likeness. Now we are ruins in God’s image because of our actions and attitudes to nature.


Why do we complicate things to the extent of committing grievous sin when in fact, it is just a matter of discipline; give, teach, protect and sustain. # Emilia Littoco