“The Inauguration and dedication of the Lgu Lamut’s Isolation facility/quarantine area with the DILG Regional Director Mario Iringan and PD Regine Mammag.

As hindsight, the construction of the isolation facilities were conceptualized by virtue of EO no.54 mandating all the 18 barangays of Lamut to rehabilitate their agricultural booths at the LATRAP to serve as decent (feel at home) isolation facilities and/or quararentin area to accomodate all our positive covid patients until the cessation of covid 19 pandemic. Be it noted that it would now be the responsibility of every lgu’s to treat their own covid positive patients except in serious cases that will be referred to our hospitals(pdh or vrh).

After the pandemic, these barangay facilities will have its multi-purpose to wit;
1. As agricultural booths during fiestas and such other mlgu festivals and activities.
2. As a Sattelite barangay halls.
3. As a venue for Barangay affairs/activities(seminars,meetings etc)
4. Evacuation area during pandamics and natural calamities.
5. At the option of the blgu, as rented transient house and cottage and/or business stalls when LATRAP is in full operation.

These, I am gratefull and proud to all the 18 brgy chairmans with their councils who are truly public servants by devoting their precious time, effort and resources for 2 months to achieve the noble purpose of addressing our current problem presented to them.

As the janitor of this town, this pandamic is a gargantuan challenge to our leadership. The challenge was accepted not by me alone but all our stakesholders. Adhering to the principle of leadership through shared responsibilty with all our stakeholders-the department heads, employees, Sanguniang Bayan headed by the vice mayor, PNP and BFP and most of all, the BLGU chairmans and councils and their apointees. Sharing the responsibility to our stakeholders make them feel as part of the problem and it is inherent that we must all find the solution of the problem as ONE.

Once again, agyamanak ta awan ti pakaang-kaang nga Kapitan ti Lamut.😂 I saw you personally every hour of the day, during the 2 months period with anxious and exhausted faces either holding a hammer,spade,paint brush, etc, some are welders, masons and chefs. Only my jokingly comforting words i shared with a tap on your shoulder. You nailed it kaps, you have proven yourselves as PUBLIC SERVANTS to the people of Lamut.”

-Atty. Mariano B. Buyagawan, Jr./Municipal Mayor