The fourth class Municipality of Lamut, Ifugao Province is gaining its momentum in the first 100 days when this humble representation took hold of the reign of government. Guided by the national program of His  Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III, the new LGU leadership of this municipality was able to introduce genuine reforms.

The remaining days of my administration will be very crucial to our executive priorities. The decelerated social, political and economic state of the municipality, coupled by my campaign platform for genuine reforms motivated me to come up with my executive agenda for 2013-2016 that I intend to modestly accomplish.

I know pretty well that my agenda for the coming years will not come to reality without the support from the different departments, branches and the general public. For this reason, this humble representation’s first action was to foster a good working relationship of the Local Government Unit of the municipal government such as when I first appeared before the august body of the Sanguniang Bayan and relayed the episodes as a municipal councilor who had been spending much time and efforts in attending sessions, committee meetings, public hearings at the expense of government resources and at the end, the enacted ordinances were simply put aside by the executive department. This disgusting experience gave me the courage and determination to prioritize the implementation of good measures without fear or favor. This is why I pleaded to the august body to give me their support so we could start rolling our shirt sleeves.

The internal revenue allotment for the local government of Lamut, Ifugao amounts to Php 60, 131,764.00 while our revenue collection amounts Php 9,251,000th.00. This indicates that we are dependent to our IRA allocation. It is high time for the LGU to engage on economic activities or investments in order to strengthen our economy. My 9-point agenda is our practical formula for Lamut to move forward.