Some spectators are thinking that the implementation of the municipal ordinances, executive orders and other State Laws by the Municipal Mayor of Lamut, Ifugao is a Political Suicide. His persistence to implement the dormant Sanguniang Bayan Ordinances such as the No Smoking Ordinance, Anti Moma Spitting Ordinance, No Littering Ordinance, Walang Plastikan Ordinance, Traffic Ordinance, No Selling of bottled gasoline and other ordinances or state laws has accordingly offended many violators. The Peace and Order Safety Aides (POSA) Record shows that thousands of ordinance violators have been arrested and fined or were required to render community services. Do you think that these apprehended ordinance violators will get mad at the POSA or at Sanguniang Bayan who adopted these ordinances? The immediate and usual reaction is to blame the poor mayor whose duty and responsibility as provided by the Local Government Code is to implement the law.

Will these penalized violators strike back against the righteous and straight forward Mayor who without fear or favor has the iron hand to implement the law. Nevertheless, if it be the reason for the punished violators to go against the Mayor in the forthcoming political intramurals, then what can he do.? Never will a good leader submit to the immature way of reasoning for if he does, we would be like the lawless Sodom and Gomorrah. God Forbids!

If we crave for peace, progress and prosperity, we have to abide and respect our laws and what we need today is an upright and an unwavering ordinance implementor and not a politicking leader.