The Legislative Department of the MLGU, the Sanguniang Bayan with the function of adopting ordinances and resolutions has given its commitment to support the beneficial programs and projects for the people.


The Sanguniang Bayan members, however, despite considering the Executive Agenda as the main basis of legislative action, the Executive-Legislative paved the way for the adaptation of other legislative measures concerning the general welfare of the public. Most of the proposals coming from the SB are in the sectors of Peace & Order, Health, Education & Social Services.


The Sanguniang Bayan is currently reviewing and deliberating on the ordinance regulating the use of the municipal cemetery and ordinance prescribing the hiring and dismissing Day Care Workers in this municipality. There are likewise proposals under review and immediately to be subjected to Public Hearing once finalized, these are: “ An Ordinance Providing for a Micro-Health Insurance System for Indigents”, the Municipal Health Code, the Municipal Peace and Order code of Lamut, the “ Ordinance mandating the installation of Close Circuit Television( CCTV) Camera in all MLGU Facilities and to all high scale business establishments and enterprises” and an Ordinance providing for retirement benefits for barangay tanods, to name a few. Amendments are also being introduced by the members of the SB on the different ordinances, policies and regulations to cope with present times.


The sanguniang bayan is continuously adopting and legislating measures for the people with the intention of promoting and protecting the general welfare of the public. Nonetheless, despite the enactment of ordinances , there is still a need to exert more effort on the effective implementation of enacted ordinances on the part of the Philippine National Police and other agencies concerned .


The creation of the Public Order and Safety Aide (POSA) has definitely made an impact on the implementation of important ordinance in the municipality, however, vigilance and obedience in following local laws must also be inculcated to the public if we truly want that these ordinances be institutionalized in our community.


 The implementation of the Anti- Smoking Ordinance, Anti- Spitting of Momma Ordinance and the Solid Waste Management Ordinance which were adopted by the sangunian is an action much appreciated, however   it seems that some ordinances are being overlooked when it comes to implementation, emphasis is given on the ordinance prescribing the curfew hours for minors which is at 8:00 P to 4:00 AM, most especially in the Poblacion and at Nayon, this municipality, since it is the youth, those considered minors and students in particular who are3 frequently being reported as regular patrons of drinking establishment within the municipality.


Therefore we are calling upon our law enforcers, Barangay Officials, Barangay Tanods and all citizens of Lamut to be strict in enforcing and following the various ordinances adopted by the Sanguniang Bayan, this municipality. Let us be resolute in demanding change and progress in our community.


Progress and development of a community is not only seen on projects relative3 to infrastructure but also on the growth of personal development, obedience and discipline of the people living within it.# Adryan B. Chaguile