Mayor Mariano B. Buyagawan, Jr. challenged the newly elected Barangay officials to be firm and strong in the implementation of their Barangay ordinances, legal orders and other pertinent laws during a recently held orientation conducted by the Department of Interior and Local Governments (DILG).


Mayor Buyagawan  told the elected Barangay officials to enforce the laws because this is the job of an elected public servant.


The Mayor dared the newly elected officials to perform their duties and responsibilities and not to fear the threat of an electoral rejection in the next election. “ APAY MABUTENG KAYU NGA ‘DI DAKAYUNTU IBOTOS GAPU ITI PANAG IMPLEMENTAR YU ITI ORDINANCIA, PARA KANYAK, NU ISU TI GAPUNA TI DIDA PANANGIBOTOS  KANYAK, KET INYA NGAY NGARUD ,TAKDERAN TAYO TI PRINSIPYO KEN LATEG TAYO”. the Mayor said.


The Local Chief Executive (LCE) advised the elected officials to coordinate their ordinance implementation activities with the office of the municipal mayor so as to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency. The mayor told the barangay captains and councilmen to feel free to visit the mayor’s office and not to be reluctant just because they did not vote for him. He said, “Politics is all over, let us instead work hand in hand for the betterment of our municipality.” The newly elected officials applauded Mayor Buyagawan when he offered a project incentive ranging from half a million to one million pesos sourced from the 20 % development fund in  2015 to the best barangay implementer of laws and ordinances. The best individual implementer of ordinances will also be given  other fund incentives .#Rosito B. Malingan