September 13, 2018 – OurLocal Chief Executive, Atty. Mariano B. Buyagawan, Jr., received a Certificate of Recognition as one of the Regional winners of the Presidential Lingkod-Bayan Award in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). The award was given during the “Parangal Para sa Mga Katangi-tanging Lingkod-Bayani ng Cordillera” on the occasion of the 118th Anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service held at Hotel Elizabeth, Baguio City.

With its aim of motivating or inspiring government employees to improve the quality of their performances, and instill deeper involvement in public service, the Honor Awards Program (HAP) has been annually undertaken, and spearheaded by the Civil Service Commission for a number of years now dating back in 1959. The program, which was originally labeled as Employee Suggestions and Incentives Awards System (ESIAS), existed by virtue of Section 27 of Republic Act No. 2260, with its set of rules, regulations and guidelines polished by subsequent Presidential Decrees (PDs) and Executive Orders (EOs). It ultimately recognizes government officials and employees who have displayed outstanding work performance.

The HAP has two categories, the first being the awards for Exemplary Conduct and Ethical Behavior and the Awards for Outstanding Work Performance as the second, which includes the Civil Service Commission Pagasa Award and the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award, to which the LCE was nominated.

Among the requirements submitted in support of the nomination were the list of significant accomplishments of the LCE, which included continuous enforcement of the “Walang Plastikan sa Lamut Program”, Localization of two (2) Hall of Fame Awards namely: Seal of Good Local Governance to Barangay Seal of Good Housekeeping, and Localization of the Red Orchid Award Program (Tobacco Free), Tourism Programs, Implementation of Ordinances and Pertinent State Laws, Acquisition of Donated and Waived Land Properties in favor of the LGU, Mass Media Program (DWPH – 105.3), Moral Transformation, Sports Development and Economic Stability. Also included was the listing of all the major awards received by the Municipal LGU through the leadership of the LCE.

Records will bear the historical reality that remarkable transformations occurred during the incumbency of Mayor Mariano B. Buyagawan, Jr. His exercise of good governance, fiscal performance and the strategic decisions and actions have befitted the worthy image and posture of the Municipality. His leadership approach was not derived from complicated theoretical concepts but of simple management formula that entails the practice of righteousness, coupled by his determination to perform and responsibilities even beyond the call of duty has indeed developed the fullest trust and confidence of his constituents and, eventually the much coveted recognition from the CSC. CONGRATULATIONS MAYOR and MORE POWER!