Last August 8, 2019, the Municipality of Lamut was one of the chosen pilot Municipalities in the conduct of the 3RD QUARTER NATIONAL SIMULTANEOUS EARTHQUAKE DRILL, spearheaded by the MDRRMC/O and partner agencies; PNP, BFP, 54th IB, DOH, IFSU, IPSHS, Mabatobato BDRRMC, Nayon BDRRMC. The Regional Assessment Team from CAR assessed the following: Emergency Operation Center, Incident Management Team, Search, Rescue, and Retrieval Capability, Fire Suppression Capability, Emergency Telecommunications during Emergencies, Education Cluster, Health Cluster, & Evacuation Procedures. The activity was conducted at exactly 2:00 PM. There were 4 scenarios plotted: Trapped Victims at the LGU Building, Collapsed Building at IPSHS with injured victims, Fire Suppression at the ISFSU RDET Building,& Vehicular Traffic Accident at the Kinawayanan Bridge. The activity aims to Enhance the Capability of the Disaster Managers of the Municipality of Lamut.