How did we fair in our duties and responsibilities? Can we be proud off than 365 days ago? Are we realizing better, kinder, safer, progressive and good governing local government unit? Have we really moved forward as we always say “GO LAMUT”?


The collaborative Sanguniang Bayan Members, headed by its competent Presiding Chairman, Honorable Victomar H. Bunnol,  the 18 punong barangays and other barangay officials, Heads of Office of the Local Government Units of Lamut and the Line Agencies, to our education sector, Church Leaders , Officers and Members of the Non Government and Peoples organization: Guests; Visitors; Fellow Citizens of Lamut; Ladies and Gentlemen.


No doubt we have made a great difference for Lamut and its populace. Allow me therefore, to present what we have accomplished for the 365 days in office.


Today marks the end of the first year of my first term of office as municipal mayor. Usually, the first year of the first term of a newly elected chief executive is presumed to be a period of adjustment and preparations. This for me is not the way it went through. When I was elected in the year 2001 as a member of the Sangguniang Bayan of our municipality, I heard of  the problems of our constituents and the bureaucracy of our very own local government. This prompted me during the 2013 campaign period to advertize my platform of government for the electorates of Lamut to base their decisions. I firmly believe that the electoral consent of  the people of Lamut to my favor is attributed to the people’s affirmation of my platform of government and for your information my platform of government  is no less than  my 9-points agenda.


With this political promise, I immediately launched my 9-points agenda when I took hold of the reign of authority as your municipal mayor and by doing so, we were able to accelerate the momentum of development within this one year span of time.


I am very much aware that the problems of our municipality cannot be solved in the blink of an eye, in one year, or even within my three-year term as mayor of Lamut, but let us right now start for a genuine transformation. Let us set aside our personal, political, religious or whatever kind of difference but rather roll our shirts sleeves and work for the transformation of our beloved hometown.


In the field of economics:

The Municipality of lamut is one among the great producer of agricultural, livestock and aquatic products in the Province of Ifugao. It is mainly an agricultural area that employs 60% of the labor force. 40 % is devoted to agriculture that is planted with agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit trees. This could be attributed to the presence of an irrigation system sourced from the Ibulao River and spread out to the vast farms and fisheries of Lamut, Ifugao.The town of Lamut could be glimpse as an emerging investment frontier due to its vast economic potentials. Idle lands are now converted to farmlands and fishponds. This made lamut adopt TILAPIA production as its One Town One Product (OTOP).


The Municipality of Lamut is the most ideal site of a provincial commercial center of trade. The Location of the Marketing Center is at Mabatobato, Lamut, Ifugao. It has an area of 28,535 square meters and is located along the provincial road and near the national highway. Lamut is a very favorable site for agricultural, aquatic and livestock marketing because of its potentials for production. The   implementation of the Alimit Mega Dam and the Munhipok Micro Dam within my term of office if accepted by people of Lamut will on one aspect boost our aquatic resource. I am positive that this 2 electrification projects will enhance  the agricultural sector with a better irrigation network and its impounded waters shall be a potential to our fish production.


Ifugao Vegetable Traders from Mayoyao, Banaue, Hingyon, Lagawe, Kiangan, Asipulo, Hungduan and Tinoc would prefer to sell their vegetable products at the Lamut Trading Center rather than to sell it at the Bambang Trading Center. Furthermore, its proximity to the neighboring provinces of Nueva Viscaya, Isabela and Cagayan and also its being either an entry points for tourist and traders will surely make lamut a busy center of trade.


As an economist by education, we foresee the scenario of Lamut as the trade center of the province of Ifugao. Which will eventually increase the economic activity in our town generating employment opportunities and boosting the transport sector and local entrepreneurs. The ground leveling of the Agricultural Trading Center is on going and the construction of the agricultural Trading Building in the amount of Php 4,400.000.00 funded under the 20% development funds is also ongoing. The construction of the Php7 million livestock trading post will be constructed in 2015 being funded under the BUB and the 20% development fund of the LGU. Because of the LGU’s economic initiative in the realization of the multi-million trading post will open the door of a  better economic atmosphere for local businessmen to invest their money for other economic ventures in our municipality.


In the field of tourism:

Personally, I believe that tourism industry in the province of Ifugao is still gloomy despite the seat of the acclaimed 8th wonder of the world- the Banaue Rice Terraces. No matter how big investments will the province infuse to the industry if there being no support of the neighboring towns towards the tourism industry in their own respective municipalities, the same will likely fail. The success of the tourism  industry in the province is dependent on the well concerted efforts of all the municipalities to enhance and promote their own tourist destination be it natural, cultural or program based, not to compete but to complement with each other in order to provide more avenues of our local and foreign tourists. By this effort, the province can only realize the success of the tourism industry and by doing so, we shall give our share in so much so that Lamut is acclaimed as the gateway to the wonderland of the province of Ifugao.


Hence, when I assumed office, I found out that there was no tourism office in our local government unit. There were no tourism legislations and neither was there a single executive order promoting the tourism industry in our locality. In other words, tourism was not a given importance during the previous administrations despite of the many tourism potentials such as the Sanafe Cave, Ambasa Cave, Dar-awan View and Zip Line, Panopdopan View, Jolowon View, Rolling Hills, Rocky Mountain Hills, Bulao River, Sinublan Brook, Rambakan Festivals and the Ifugao School of Living Tradition (IFSU).


Just recently we made an amateur exploration at the Lahot falls at Jolowon, Matangili Cave, at Regimental, Magullon, the  Balweg Cave and twin caves at Halimotoc, Jolowon and the Jamashita Underwater Cave and falls at Nunhabatan, Hapid and found out that these caves if fully developed will make Lamut a tourist destination. For this reason we made representation to Tourism Regional Director Purification Molintas and to our Congressman Teddy Baguilat to include the funding of the access roads of the three(3) caves amounting to 65 million pesos.


As one of my executive priority, I issued Executive Order No. 34 organizing the Municipal Tourism Council of the local government of lamut, Ifugao under the office of the Municipal Mayor. We have assigned the tourism office space at the Municipal compound with Mrs. Gloria Ambojnon as the Acting Municipal tourism Officer. Thanks to the quick action of the sanguniang bayan who successfully passed the ordinance creating the Office of the Municipal Tourism under the Office of the Municipal Mayor. The LGU compound being the first tourist visited place is about to start with its   beautification works and with an architectural mini park design for phase 1 in the amount of TWO MILLION SIXTY SIX THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE PESOS to be implemented within this days. The Information Tourism and library/museum building phase 1 will soon rise in 2015 as being included in the 2015 budget.


The Open Trade Relation among the Asean Nations will start next  year in  2015. This means that imported or exported goods will be exempted from the payment of taxes or what they call as a free tariff .      As a result, we have to look for a business venture that we have. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our tourism industry. We have to develop and promote our tourism potentials and sell it to the local and foreign market. We have to make Lamut a premier tourist destination. Our critics easily downplay our tourism industry priority but as an economists, I see otherwise because this is an industry not just a beauty pagent, promotion nor simply a beautification program of our town but an economic endeavor to make Lamut an economically sound community. Less the foregoing industry in a town is like a flower without scent.


In the field of sanitation  

The availability of water in every homes or establishment is one of the components of a healthy business environment. As of the present, almost every household in the municipality of lamut except for the few high elevated barangays are depended on pump wells. With the increase of population or end users and together with the proximity of pump wells creates water supply insufficient.


For this reason, we made our first step in the construction of a sustainable and income generating water system for Poblacion East, Poblacion West and its adjacent Barangays by identifying the Lamut River at the Malabago site as the source of water that will undergo filtration and treatment. Initial activities have been done by the Municipal Engineering Office. We hope and pray that this project will be completed  within our term of office.


As an alternative source of water, I made it personally to look for other viable potable water source at Jolowon. This water system project can be fast track should the sanguniang bayan is amenable and more than willing to authorized this representation to borrow money to finance the multi-million water system. In the meantime, we funded under the 2015 proposed budget, the purchased of water equipments to drill water source underneath to provide potable waters for every household. Initially, we  funded  the completion of the water system under the BUB by 2017 in the amount of 15million.


In the field of environmental governance and enhancement:

The thrust to implement environmental governance in our hometown was my battle cry in the past political intramurals. My farm life upbringing made me appreciate the wonders of our natural ecology that Divine Providence bestowed us and coupled by my law profession that makes me determined to enforce the law even if this is what political analyst say as a “political suicide”.


Prior to my assumption to office, the Local government Unit of the Municipality of Lamut was issued a notice to sue for violation of the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act. This case refers to the operation of an open dumpsite at Nabangan, Lamut, Ifugao.


To address this problem, I issued Executive Order No. 20, re-organizing Municipal Ecological Solid Waste Management Board to formulate, coordinate multi level and multi- sectoral ecological waste management programs and also issued Executive Order No. 13, reorganizing the Peace and Order Council and also reactivated the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) to enforce environmental laws and other paper ordinances that remained dormant for so long a time.  This is my justification in organizing the Peace and Order Safety Aide (POSA) and the deputizing of Enforcers. By the strict implementation of our ordinances, no less than The Commission on Audit in its evaluation report said “ Favorable observations were noted and we have commended management for its compliance to basic environmental laws and regulations on Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 that made Lamut clean and environment friendly.”


Since the implementation of our municipal ordinance on the use of plastic bags on dry goods and regulation of its use with wet goods, we have registered a 40 percent reduction of collected waste. Likewise, the implementation of the municipal ordinances on Anti-smoking, No spitting of Moma, Anti-littering and such other significant municipal ordinances (From August 2013 to June 30, 2014) the POSA apprehended 1,857 ordinance violators, with the penalty amounting   to P139,000.00  and with community service of 661 hours. It is now a matter to sustain the momentum of our enforcers despite the reduced number of our POSA today, I am encouraging our people of Lamut to cooperate and dutifully observe our good ordinances that our sanguniang bayan has ordained to avoid infractions and penalties.  Furthermore, violators have tagged this representation as a dictator and even cursed me to death, to the information of everyone, I am not the usual street politician who want to please everybody, “eka nga namamangka sa lahat ng ilog para lang walang masaktan na botantes palibhasa walang bayag.  Ginagawa ko lang po ang aking trabaho bilang ama ng ating bayan na makitang maayos at malinis ang ating tahanan at  bakuran. Ako rin po ay naniniwala sa principyo ng yumaong Ferdinand Marcos na nagsabing “Disiplina ang kailangan sa pag-unlad ng bayan.” Sabi nga ng ating mga kaibigan, mayor, maging hinay-hinay lang kayo sa pag implementa sa mga ordinansya natin baka hindi ka iboboto sa susunod. Subalit ang matingkad kung sagot ko sa kanila ay “ Kung ito man ang batayan ng mamayan ng Lamut sa hindi pagboto sa akin sa susunod ay hindi po ako natitinag at buo ang aking paniniwala na ang taga lamut ay hindi bobo at tanga. Hindi po ako natatakot at may bayag po tayo”. And if that eventuality happens, at least I have shown and set the parameters or standard of how to lead our people for other leaders to follow.


In order to sustain the same, we included in the budget for 2015 the installation of CCTV not only in the municipal and Market building but in some other conspicuous places along the national highway in order to monitor violators, road accidents and to deter criminal activities. Hence, in line of the peace and order situation, I requested the  sanguniang bayan to make an ordinance to include the requirement for new business establishments to install CCTVs in their premises. With the belief that with a peaceful and orderly community, good business climate is conducive to our local and foreign businessmen to invest in our place.


In the Field of Information:       

The availability of mass media communications in a locality is an indicator that there exist a wholesome business atmosphere. Business investors will be able to advertise their products or services through mass media communication like radios, newspapers or E-facility. LGU programs or information could be swiftly disseminated to the general public. I immediately designated an Information Officer in the person of Mr. Rosito Malingan one of my Executive assistant to man the information office.


Our official LGU Newspaper otherwise known as the BANDO  is already in circulation. The 1st publication  was on December 23, 2014. The Official LGU Newspaper were distributed to barangay officials of Lamut, all public and private institutions of learning in the municipality of Lamut, national, provincial and municipal offices in the province, religious institutions, NGO and others.


We immediately launched the Official website of the  Local  Government Unit of Lamut(, where the lgu profile and where abouts of our municipality where posted, programs, projects, celebrations, tourists spots and major activities of the LGU have been successfully communicated not only to our residents but to all lamuteneans abroad globally.  Through our website, we have effectively placed Lamut conspicuously in the world map on a 24/7 basis, connecting on the heart  and minds of Lamuteneans wherever they are in the real time.


As the Station Manager of our FM radio, I made it a sacrifice to work as one of the radio DJ Staff with a 4 hours time schedule from Monday to Sunday. After my radio work,  I spend 3 to 4 hours at home entertaining my evening visitors . My work as Chief Executive and a Radio Broadcaster is   strenuous and delicate. Strenuous because of the continuous physical and mental activity for 16 hours a day and 7days a week. Delicate, in the sense that many MEDIA practitioners were threaten, sued for libel and liquidated because of their exposing the mal practices of people and institutions  and the ills of society. Our FM station is an opportunity and avenue of our people to check on the abuses and effectiveness of their officials in their respective barangays and the LGU of Lamut as well.


I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those whom may have been offended in the course of the radio exposes by our people through their active interaction during the radio programs. “Kaya nga po,  BATO BATO SA LANGIT, ANG MATAMAAN AY ………TRABAHO LANG WALANG PERSONALAN”.


In the field of Customer service and good governance:

With  our advocacy for good governance, we issued Executive Oder No. 44 series of 2013 which organized the working team for the implementation of Business Permits and licensing systems and Executive Order No. 67 Series of 2013 adopting a unified application form for business permits . We have  devised  a faster and a more simple  way of issuing licenses and business permits system so as not to keep our clients from waiting for long time by adapting the One Stop Shopping or the centralized transaction method wherein all offices concerned with business permits jointly work  at the venue. In line of our goal to have a system on Business, Permit and licensing, I entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Computer Science of the IFSU under the leadership of Dean Aquino and Dr. Serafin Ngohayon-IFSU President, to devise and install the system on business permits and licensing and to expand further to  devise the system to cover the Real property Taxation. By our aim to attain the full computerization system of our business permit and licensing and Real property tax in our LGU in partnership with IFSU by the end of March 2015, we can only then realize the  improvement of our collection. Only then that our municipality is  at par  from the rest of the municipalities of Ifugao or even the provincial capitol.


In the field of Organic Agriculture:    

In line with the National administration’s thrust of organic farming and in view of our concern for the preservation of our natural environment. As one of  my advocacy during the campaign in line with the National Organic Agriculture Program (NOAP) goals on food security, environment, health wellness and poverty alleviation. We have exerted utmost  efforts to introduce organic farming in this municipality as it was given less importance in the past.  Immediately, upon assumption to office, I organize the Municipal Technical Committee on Organic Agriculture and asked the partnership of the  private organic organization and practitioners- LOPA headed by Mr.Simplicio Mateo and Madam Katherine Buenaventura to help us transform Lamut as an organic municipality. As a manifestation to our advocacy on organic farming, we infuse an amount of more or less 1.2 million to accelerate the activities of organic farming. The program being new to our people, I immediately instructed the DA and LOPA to conduct the IEC to the 4ps beneficiaries, barangay officials, public schools and rural based organizations covering the 18 barangays of Lamut.  We started the provision of traditional rice variety to farmers using the system rice intensification(SRI). We started the piloting of organic vegetable in several school for the gulayan sa paaralan program. The Organic Vegetable display center is established besides the police station. We started the vermi worm or cast production at our nursery at Pugol, purposely to produce needed vermin worm and cast to some demo farms and other organize groups interested in the technology. We trained interested groups for Indigenous MICRO Organism(IMO) and preparation of concoctions using accessible indigenous material for home gardens and for sale to the market.


As one of my executive priority, I saw to it Organic Agriculture be given importance and this is the reason for the setting of an organic  festival during  the 4 day 2014 RAMBAKAN.


As proof that the practice of organic agriculture is gaining momentum in our municipality, Mr. Villafuerte “Amboy” Camat Jr. was given a Regional Award for the practice of organic farming. Congratulation Amboy. You gave honors and recognition  to our beloved hometown. In fact, amboy’s farm at kinawayanan draws tourists from the different municipalities and outside the province. With the cooperation of the sanguniang bayan with our fervent request,  the Organic Ordinance was passed authored by Hon. Adrian Chaguile, expect then that by the next year evaluation for organic municipality, with the help of all the sectors including the LOPA, we will bag the award.


In the spirit of patriotism:

To make Lamut business friendly. We have to set the LGU of Lamut as an example and urging all other line agencies and sectors of the society  and the people of Lamut to patronize our own products and services.


Lamut First Policy or in the vernacular “UMUNA TI LAMUT POLICY” is conceived in order to encourage local businessmen in the municipality of Lamut, Ifugao to increase their investment. We  issued Executive Order no. 35 prohibiting the LGU department heads, employees, bids and awards committee of Lamut, Ifugao to conduct seminars meetings, workshops, conferences and the purchase of goods, materials, supplies and equipment or engage services outside the municipality of Lamut. The Municipal Local Government Unit should show the example  to the people of Lamut of the need to patronized the products and services of our local businessmen. We have good establishments in Lamut worthwhile to patronize. Let us refocus our concept on patriotism in making our own products patronized by the public. We can make local prizes stable and competitive to other establishments outside our locality if we start patronizing our own products and services. In the meantime, there might be a difference of price outside compared to our establishments and services being offered but in the long run, as businesses will be inclined to do business in our municipality because of the concept of patriotism, only then that prices will become stable and competitive as against Solano or Santiago. We must sacrifice a little for now and in the end, our children will reap the fruit of that sacrifice.


In the field of Health:  

When I assumed as your Local Chief Executive on July 2013, the  Municipal Health Office (MHO)was managed by a Head Nurse as Officer In-Charge. I witnessed the difficulties of clients, especially with our indigent patients who were brought to our Main Health Center. Patients were just referred to private medical practitioners or to hospitals. All of these is due to the absence of a Government  Doctor . It is for this reason that immediately fill the vacant Municipal Health Officer (MHO) position.


Our departmental mission to provide quality and sustainable health care to the community is an enormous challenge to this administration. Despite of the difficulties that hampered the delivery of quality health services in the first months of my administration, we made our first action and that was to appoint people to deliver the needed services in the main health center and in the Barangay health centers. At first, 4 Rural Health Midwives were appointed on a job order basis and were assigned at Hapid and Sanafe, Bimpal, Lucban and Lawig, Panopdopan and Holowon. Later on nurses through the RN Heals+ Program were assigned in the municipality of Lamut. Our second action was to see to it that our main health center and the barangay Health centers be completed and upgraded.


In partnership with the LGUs, other GOs, NGOs and all people of Lamut, the following were accomplished:

  1. Improving Maternal and Child Care wherein pregnant and postpartum women were given Vitamin A, Iron Supplementation and  were also afforded with maternal care. Children and breastfed infants were given complete vaccination.
  2.  Introduction of a new kind of family planning known as the IMPLANON
  3. Control of infectious diseases Leprosy, Tuberculosis which was made possible through the   intensification of health education on prevention and management of  infectious diseases specially that majority of the patients are children.
  4. Rabies Elimination, Malaria, Leprosy, tuberculosis, Chikungunya fever/Dengue are now under control
  5. The RAMBAKAN 2014 medical, dental and ophthalmic mission.

The difference in the delivery of health services by our health workers for the first 365 days of my administration is very evident. We have succeeded in correcting the weaknesses of the Municipal Health Office.


On our first year, we bagged the prestigious Red Orchid Award, now more than ever challenged to persevere and sustain our efforts. Kudos to the laudable efforts of the Anti-smoking Task Force, MENRO, Health Office, sanguniang bayan and other departments. Now join me as we level up our  campaign , with enforcement our Municipal Ordinance on Smoke Free Ordinance of the Municipality and as we face the evaluation for our second year. Together, we can make Lamut, a tobacco smoke-free and a healthier environment for all of us especially our children.


In the field of social services:

On children and youth welfare,  we  were able to graduate 442 day care children in 35 day care centers. Referred students to DSWD-CAR for educational assistance including our out of school youth to the Ifugao computer Learning center.


On the Family Welfare Program, we were able to refer 95 clients for medical assistance amounting to P254,000.00, 25 clients for burial assistance in the amount of P85,000.00 and 4 clients for emergency shelter assistance in the amount of P20,000.00. We have also provided food for work for the clean and green program in some selected Barangays and  food for work for the Brigada Eskwela.


The amount of P1,134,000 was released for the supplementary feeding allocation for our day care feeding program for this year.


In the field of disaster preparedness:

Upon assumption to office, I saw the great need of institutionalizing the office of  the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management  in our municipality.  Immediately, We assigned an office space and  fielded trained and competent people to take care of the management of this office and not just designees from the regular employees who were burdened by their regular job but competent job orders in order  to protect the limbs, life and properties of our people that maybe lost due to unforeseen calamities.


Under the Disaster Risk  Reduction Management program on: PREPAREDNESS, MDRRMO have undertaken trainings on basic life support, first aid, rescue and fire drill and earthquake drills to the interested rescue teams in coordination with the PNP and BFP and now activated and maintained our operation center-the municipal livelihood center.


In the field of Infrastructure:

The Municipality of Lamut has implemented its infrastructure projects as to schedule and this project were undertaken through public bidding as supervise by our engineering office only. Allow me to enumerate these projects:

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In the field of collection of taxes:


With the much awaited passage of the Tax Ordinance Last year, by the sanguniang bayan we were able to gradually increase our collection for the period of January 1 to June 30, 2014.

For Permits and Licenses we were able to collect the amount of P 1,219,772.22 against P 213,322.33 in 2013

For Service Income we were able to collect the amount of P 689,779.61 against P 274,372.50 in 2013.

For Business Income we were able to collect the amount of P 1,346,239.50 against  P 1,046,265.30 in 2013

For Other Taxes we were able to collect the amount of P 31,232,470.00 against  P30,803,662.01 in 2013.

The actual collection from July 1 to December 30, 2013 is P33,155,693.92 while the actual collection from January 1 to June 30, 2014 is P 36,906.018.24. This means that our collection from January 1 to June 30 gradually increased by P3,750,324.32.

Aside from the Real Property Report covering the period from April 1 to June 30, 2014 indicating the total taxable properties,  I am informing that we surveyed  the 5 hectares Land located at Banting owned by Mr.Rosito Malingan who is willing to donate the area for my  proposed Sports Complex in Lamut. At present, I am now negotiating with provincial government to help us materialize in the realization of the construction of the sport complex to cater all sports activities of the municipality of lamut and the province during provincial meets, CARAA or invitational sports activities. Should the provincial government is more than willing to support, you can imagine the economic activity to be generated by the said establishment which will ultimately benefit our local businesses and our people.


We have updated and prepared our Municipal and development Plans, such as the Development and investment Plan , the Annual investment Plan, the CDP/ELA/CAPDEV, Comprehensive Land Use Plan, 10 Municipal solid Waste Plan, gender Development Plan and the MDRRM Plan. On Project Monitoring and Evaluation, we were able to comply with the submission of our 2013 Accomplishment Report, State of Local Governance Performance Report, Office Performance Commitment Report and the Major Final Outputs and Semestral Plans  on time.

@Construction of  4 Material recovery Facility in the amount of P400,00.00. Payawan at Bannit,  Water System in the amount of P300.00.

@Under the BUB Projects, we are now implementing the 3 Dar projects namely:

  1. Rehabilitation of the Bunog Bridge in the amount of P2,375,000.00,
  2. The construction of the Sanafe Bridge in the amount of P475,000.00
  3.  Umilag-Panopdopan Bridge in the amount of 190,000.00.

@We have also 2 DTI Projects for implementation and they are:

  1. Eco Bag Production for our PWD-in the amount of P71,250.000.00
  2. The Otop Pasalubong Center Facility in the amount of 166,250.00.
  3. c.  Micro Financing for Livelihood Projects for DSWD client amounting      to P1,140.000.00


In the field of registration:


The listing from womb to the tomb by the Office of the  civil registrar from July 2013  to June30, 2014.

725 Live Birth accurately and systematically prepared, reviewed and registered

80 marriage contracts accurately and systematically prepared, reviewed prior to solemnization.

192 marriage systematically prepared, reviewed and registered on time.

72 deaths systematically prepared, reviewed and registered on time

60 affidavit of legitimation processed and registered

Barangay  mass wedding program- this is a  mass wedding conducted in  every barangay every month. The mass weddings at Sanafe and Salamague were just concluded. This program aims  to document and provide legal papers for  couples and to lessened if not, no  expenses at all for the couple..


As the father of the town, my office in the second floor of the Municipal Building is the most visited office. Clients from the different segments of society with different purposes of their coming to my office  jam-pack the small room space of my office. For me, I’m happy to see that my constituents deal with me as a father who is accommodating to his children.


Managing this kind of burdensome situation on the part of my 7 staff requires patience and understanding because in the transaction, different kinds of behaviors, attitude   and moods are manifested in the faces of our clients. Some are irritable, some are boastful, some are hardheaded and many more. . This is were we appreciate the Human Resource Management Office for conducting IECs such as the In-House Training and the Citizens  Charter Seminar which made the transactions in our office  effective to our service provider and conducive to our clients.


As we enter into the second year of my term of office, I could see that a greater challenge stands before us. I am confident that the coming years will yield better fruits because we started right. We are on the right path and we must hold on to this. Let us continue with the reforms that we started and be serious with it.


I know pretty well that, until now, there are still a few who grumbles and doubts my style of governance but, I know that everyone of you saw my style and its corresponding result.  You saw with your own eyes how I performed my duties and responsibilities even beyond the call of duty. You have seen with your own eyes the genuine changes going on in our municipality.


For 2014 and beyond, we will strive to realize the following projects:

Administrative governance:

The Tax amnesty Program

Codification of general ordinance

Social Development:

1.Support to education

– Continuing improvement of school facilities to improve quality education for the children of Lamut.

2.Health Services

– Completion of the RHU building to provide adequate services to residents.

– Water system of each barangay

3.Social Welfare and development Services

– continue the implementation of poverty alleviation program

Economic Development

1.Tourism and sisterhood relations

Landscaping of the Municipal Ground and improvement of the Municipal building.

Access roads to tourist destination

Establishment of Lamut investment promotions and tourism information center.


Sisterhood relations with the City of Manila and other municipalities

2.Infrastructure and other development Projects

Construction of the livestock trading post

Construction of the sports complex

Completion of the Public Market

Completion of the comprehensive Public Market canal


Environmental Management

Establishment of a waste management facility that will not only minimize waste but converts biodegradable waste materials into energy, in conjuction to the proposed clustering of the municipalities of Ifugao for waste disposal.

Before I end my SOMA, I would like to thank the Presiding Officer, Vice Mayor Victomar H. Bunnol and the Honorable Members of the Sangguniang Bayan for their full support to our request for legislative action. And may I also seek the full support of our sanguniang bayan to fast track the amendment of the market code to change the market day of SUNDAY to some other day, for the glory God and his people.

I likewise thank the Heads of Offices and their subordinates for sacrificing their personal comfort to fulfill the municipal agenda. My heartfelt thanks to all our line agencies for your full support and cooperation in all the activities of the municipal government.  Thank you also to the Lamut Association of Ministers for Peace and the Association of Chaplains who in one way or the other extended their services as partners in the development of Lamut. To our Barangay Officials and to the people of Lamut,  Salamat Kadakayu amin. With all your support and cooperation we were able to start with genuine reforms in our   municipality.

In closing, allow me to quote the creator and inventor of modern management and I quote, “ the best way to predict the future is to create it.” Ladies and gentleman, we create our own future, we make our own destiny and together we do it now.. we the Lamuteneans who will create a prosperous, peaceful and beautiful Lamut.

“Naimbag nga aldaw tay amin ken agyamanak apo.!!!”